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Lost or Found

The bird has a coloured band on its right leg with the ID number. The bird will only be released to the person who can show proof of ownership. Please ring Siena directly if you think this little lost bird could be your lost bird.
CONTACT:  Siena | Customer Care | RSPCA NSW
Phone: 02 9770 7555
Fax 02 9770 7575
Address: PO Box 34, Yagoona, NSW 2199

The bird does not appear to have a microchip but it does have a leg ring and identifying number.  It will only be released to the person who correctly identifies it's number.  It would be good to find this little guy's owner.  The poor little bird seems to be depressed.
CONTACT:  Cindy on 0419 842 548

The following article may also be of help to you when your bird first escapes...

A Bird Has Escaped, Do Not Panic (brief extract):

(click here for the full article...)

Recently I have had several phone calls and listening to the voice coming over the wire in each instance it almost seemed as if the callers had experienced the landing of a spaceship on their aviaries and the panic was on. What had happened to them has happened to others, to me, and probably will happen again to many others. A bird had escaped, and the first thought in mind was to get it back into the aviary as quickly as possible, and inside five minutes if there was a way to do it. This is the first thought of all who experience the escape of a bird, and just how soon it is recaptured depends on the behaviour of the bird and the method employed to achieve the recapture. To assist in this regard, perhaps the following information will serve to solve the problem.  (full article...)

Local Help

The RSPCA, local Veterinary Clinic, local papers and noticeboards etc., may be very helpful in the recovery of a lost bird or be able to help you by listing a bird you have found.

Online Help

Have you registered with  They have a large database of parrots where you can report lost, found and stolen birds.  If you have a bird in your care that you have found or if you have lost a bird and you are checking to see if your bird has been listed as found, is a specialised website where you can do this.  It is completely free!

Parrot Alert - List your lost, found, or stolen parrot

IT'S COMPLETELY FREE:  The Global Lost, Stolen and Found Parrot/Bird Reporting and Alerting site
 Now for the first time people can graphically report and search for lost and stolen parrots/birds within towns, cities and countries.