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We are all aware that even before the World Wide Web's instigation in the early 1990s, there have always been people out there who are trying to "rip us off"!

Buying and selling your birds is not exempt from this.

The following e-mail was sent to us by John McGrath (a member of the ASNSW and currently President of the Avicultural Society of Canberra Inc.) in March 2011.  It serves as a warning to be very, very careful.

Re:  Bird Scamer Alert

"I have just got off the phone to a lady from Maitland in NSW, who is in the process of buying a bird off me.  She was checking to make sure that I was not a scammer.  I gave her a few referrals in the Hunter Valley region to cross reference me by.

Her fears where produced by the fact that her sister was scammed very recently by somebody that had taken $1,500AU off her as a deposit on an African Grey Parrot.  The money had been deposited as cash in to a post office somewhere and the money had been collected.

I advised her to get her sister to the police and that she had three points of contact.  

  1. The money receiver had e-mailed her sister to say "You have been scammed!"  Therefore she has an e-mail address.  
  2. She also has a mobile phone number.
  3. I also pointed out that to collect that much money from a post office, the receiver would have to present identification such as a drivers licence."

John sent this e-mail (which is just one example) as a warning for us all.  Most people don't think this way but unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who do and they are constantly thinking up new ways every day on how to scam you and take your money.

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