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Bird Trader

Please Note:

Because of Government regulations, we cannot export birds from Australia.  Within Australia some Australian Native birds require an AR number (Aviary Registration number).  Some States require an export and import licence.

"All native birds are protected in NSW under the National Parks and Wildlife Act."
NSW Government - Environment & Heritage - Bird Keeper's Licence

Birds for Sale/Wanted

This is a free service for all financial members.  Please note that all listings as they appear in our magazine are for two (2) issues only.  Adds must be re-submitted after this date.  As the magazine is bi-montly all adds must be received before the third Saturday of the month prior to the issue date.

Please note that listings on the website are published several weeks after the magazine has been circulated to members.

Birds for Sale
Birds Wanted

Free King Parrot

Updated:  13/05/2017

One of our members (Bob) has a 2 year old King Parrot that he does not want. The bird has just coloured up. He has had his wing clipped but can still get around the aviary. Bob is willing to give this bird free to any member who wants him. Bob can be contacted on 02 4751 2805 or

Birds for Sale

Updated:  27/09/2017

Cockatoos various ages for sale or exchange

Northern Territory Short Billed Corellas Sanguinea sanguinea both sexes.

Western Australian Long Billed Corellas Pastinator butleri both sexes.

Muirs Corella Pastinator pastinator cocks.

Muirs Corella Pastinator pastinator hens 2016 bred.

Kuhli Galahs 2015 bred hens.

Cockatoo Pairs viz;
Eastern Long Billed Corellas
Kuhli Galahs
WA Galahs
WA Short Billed Corellas Sanguinea westralensis - conditions apply to these pairs.

I may consider exchanging above cockatoos for Cape York Normantoni Short Billed Corellas, Genuine Cape York Galahs or Queenslandica Sulphurs (no intersubspecific hybrids please)

For sale or may consider exchange of genuine Gang Gang hen for 2015 bred Fitzroy Sulphur Crested Cockatoo cock (this is a very tame hand raised bird).

All cockatoos bred by me have been surgically sexed by Dr Michael Cannon, are stainless steel close rung, majority hand raised, and PCR Tested free of PBFD by MDS Australia.

Air freight Australia wide at your cost.
I do not sell unweaned birds.

Phone: John 0408 268 173
No texts or emails please.

Masked Doves
Pairs and spare cocks only.

Red-faced Parrot finches
Emblema finches

Normal, yellow and white breasted.

Phone:  Paul 02 9874 2464

Rock Parrots
$300 pair.

Phone:  Daryl 0499 657 215

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Birds Wanted

Last Updated:  27/09/2017

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